Thursday, July 7, 2011


I was musing about the term Biblical Christian and how to shorten it, if it was necessary to do so. I found out that BibliChristian has a nice ring to it. It's unfortunate that Biblical needs to become an adjective to modify 'Christian,' because this is technically extraneous. A Christian should by definition believe the Word of God--the Bible, and act accordingly. However, many Christians are not very Biblical. There are many who deny important doctrines, that nonetheless don't deny them salvation, so they are saved, but dangerous for future generations, because they open the door of compromise farther with each step, until suddenly there's apostasy.
There are of course also 'christians' (little 'c'), whose church doctrines are heresies that, if believed, would jeopardize someone's salvation, whereas there may of course be some people within such churches that nonetheless believe the Truth, and thus are saved...though their number are probably few.

What's a Biblical Christian? Well, one who believes the Bible, of course! Basically it's anyone who accepts the Divine Inerrancy of the original autographs of Scripture, and the practically-nearly-essentially-perfect inerrancy of the manuscripts that have survived to the present day. Taking this position inevitably leads to a particular view of scripture that many people have today, though a minority of people on earth, unfortunately. By following the grammatical-historical approach to interpreting Scripture, you ought to arrive at a belief that can be summed up by the Statements of Faith on the sites Got Questions and Answers in Genesis. Both are .org addresses.

I fully adhere to both statements of faith in every detail. Won't you go check them out?

That's all I had for this post. :) So I might refer to myself and "true Christians" as "Biblichristians" from now on, as it suits me. Go ahead and do so, too. But only if the word accurately describes you. Otherwise you can stick to using that little c. ;)


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