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Muslim Invasion Strategy, Part 1

I've seen numerous examples by other bloggers and more prominent leaders in the Internet-aided effort to educate people to the dangers of Islamization and awaken them to action. Often, some will have great insights that others don't include.

I decided to work from a few sources (which I will try to relocate and give credit to later) and include a couple ideas I haven't run across elsewhere, in the most complete Blueprint for Islamic Jihad I've yet seen. One could even call it Mohammed's Handbook for Islamic Conquest: How to Infiltrate, Intimidate, Devastate and Subjugate the Nations of the Khuffar. Khuffar being a slur intended for unbelievers that basically carries the same visceral hatred, racism, religious bigotry, sexism, culturism, etc that the words 'cunt,' 'nigger,' 'faggot,' 'redneck,' and 'pervert' carry...combined. Except that anyone who is not a muslim is this thing. If anyone of the above words offend you, be offended by the word Khuffar, or at least realize that it's supposed to be offensive, even if we don't realize it, nationally. Maybe I'll do a post about the word some other time.

There are 6 stages to the systematic breakdown of Islamic Conquest that I've developed: Infiltration, Consolidation, Sectional Control, Metastasis, Civil War, and Totalitarianism. I haven't developed the other 5 quite as fully as I have 'infiltration,' since America is only currently at that stage, while Europe is in some places at stage 2 or 3. So I'll post this in installments. Part 1 is below printed, and satirically presented as a handy guide to successful Islamic Jihad by the average practicing muslim.

A description of the first stage of Islamic Conquest: Infiltration, is posted after the jump.


Stage one of Islamic Conquest: Infiltration

Substage: Intimidation. Undermining and weakening the host country and the resolve of its  leaders and citizens to resist Islam.

 First muslim Migration Wave to Host country.
Come as “refugees,” despite occasionally going on ‘vacation’ back to the countries they “fled.” Refugees gain instant protection in Welfare States.
Seek government welfare. This frees up time that could be spent working for preaching and radicalization, while also draining the economy by putting a burden on all the people who actually pay taxes.
Denounce all criticism and even reasonable concerns about Islam as the result of racism and bigotry. Ignore the fact that Islam is not, at least in theory, a race. It has its own culture, after all.
Claim that any criticism of Islam is the result of ignorance, misunderstandings, etc. The liberals will accept your claim that only Arabic speakers can understand the Qur’an, so make sure to make it.
Make a big deal of having your feelings hurt whenever Islam is mentioned in conjunction with negative reporting. Assert passionately that muslims that commit violence are ‘not true muslims.’ Taqiya
Request seemingly harmless special treatment Like foot bath facilities and removal/elimination of that which is offensive to delicate Muslim sensibilities – such as walking dogs near Mosques. HALAL
Make public and frequent calls to criminalize “Islamophobia” as a hate crime. Get the liberal useful idiots to do your work for you, so you can focus on proselytizing and being a ‘do-gooder’ in plain sight.
Threaten, and later pursue, legal action for perceived discrimination. Even if you don’t win the case, every such suit is a psychological victory as you condition the minds of the liberals for Dhimmitude.
Protest appearances by conservative speakers on public university campuses. Begin with silent protests when you are few, but when you are many, RIOT!!
Send intimidating messages to outspoken critics of Islam. If convenient, find a way to silence them, legally (‘hate speech’) or physically by issuing a fatwa for deranged muslim youth to carry out.
Blame critics of Islam in the US for muslim massacres of Christians in the Islamic World. Ignore the fact that you’re implying that muslims are amoral beasts with uncontrollable urges for bloodshed.
Shout down open-air preachers and claim that the Christian is insulting your religion with “hate speech” (the Gospel). When the police see your rabid fervor, they will be too afraid to not take your side.
Call for bans on pictoral depictions of Muhammad. They’ll resist initially, because of their love of free speech, but when Antonin Scalia retires, the liberal Court will be in your favor.
Bring up the Inquisition and the Crusades to stifle Christian opposition. Ignore the fact that the Inquisition was a crime by Roman Catholics against Protestant Christians, and that the Crusades were a defensive war against 400 years of muslim expansionist warfare, and that the atrocities of later Crusades were committed as a result of Venetian greed, for example, and are conveniently incompatible with Christianity according to the Bible, wheras Saladin(held as a hero in Europe but a backslidden muslim to the Arab world)’s benevolence is less compatible with the Qur’an and more with the Bible.
Attempt to ride the coattails of the Civil Rights Era. Except that no one’s oppressing you, and you don’t want equal rights, you want special rights, because you’re superior to the Khuffar. Allah said so.
Demonize your opponents. Even if it’s 300 muslims and 800 useful idiot liberals versus 1 person with 3 supporters.

Substage: Propagation. Increase your numbers through births and conversions.

Avoid birth control and practice polygamy. This will make muslim birth rates several times higher than native Dhimmi’s. Besides, as long as you’re not legally married to multiple wives, it’s acceptable.
Appeal to humanitarian nature of host country citizens. Plead for ‘tolerance’ of your ‘culture’ and appeal to pity by pointing out how shitty your home country is.
Convince the host Dhimmis that Islam is a religion of peace. Make a big deal of the fact that Islam claims the same roots as Christianity and Judaism, to make Islam look better by association.
Plant Mosques. Gain news appearances to garner pity for congregations of muslims meeting in small houses. Point at large Christian churches and claim injustice and unfairness.
Gain financial support from wealthy muslim financiers abroad. The Wahabis of Saudi Arabia will be sure to supply the millions needed to erect enormous mosques in the hundreds in the host countries.
Offer, especially after a public verbal conflict, to have “Interfaith Dialogue.” Use such opportunities to employ
Taqiya and Dawah together to indoctrinate non-Muslims into being submissive.
Refuse (not publicly—at first) to integrate into society at large by grouping into ghettos in preparation of the Consolidation stage. This will increase your political clout.
Take advantage of Affirmative Action and Quotas to place muslims in teaching positions in the university. Use the classroom as a pulpit to expound on the obvious beauty of Islam.
Plant “Centers for Islamic Studies” in public universities via large muslim Grants (perhaps from abroad). Appoint muslim Directors and begin promoting Islam in higher education institutions.
Establish Middle Eastern restaurants throughout the U.S. to connect planners of Islamization in a discreet way. Hire only muslims from the surrounding muslim community.
Employ charismatic black religious leaders like Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson to promote Islam as the original religion of blacks. “Islam for blacks, Christianity for whites.” Ignore the fact that it was muslims who enslaved millions of Africans centuries before Christians arrived to trade for (and save the lives of) the young male Africans that muslims didn’t desire and were going to kill anyway.
Plaster videos of “Christian who became muslim” or “How the Bible led me to Islam” on youtube. Those who have a herd mentality will be easily converted by this bandwagon approach.
Post criticisms of the Bible on the Internet. Ignore the fact that the Qur’an asserts that muslims should follow the Bible, which shows no sign of having changed in the last 2200 years.
Feign ‘spiritual’ superiority. When a Christian or other Khafir debunks your argument for Islam/against Christianity, no need to answer—just imply that “when you open your eyes, you’ll see the light.”
Form muslim groups on college campuses, such as the MSA. Deny known, documented associations with the terroristic Muslim Brotherhood. Hold “informational meetings” and presentations on Islam.
Cultivate an air of cultural rebellion. In the ‘60s, youth rebelled against the sexual purity of their parents, but that wave has ended. Those rebelling against sexual freedom find the rigid rules and observances of Islam a refreshing change from chaos to order in their life. By appealing to cultural expatriates you can convert many thousands—of women, mostly.
Marry women from the host country and Islamize them. Employ them to continue cranking out muslim babies to increase your numbers. A baby born to a muslim family is automatically a muslim.

Hints: To be most effective,
* Resist attempts to commit ‘honor killings’ for the time being, because this could hurt your abilities to convince the liberals that Islam is a religion of peace. However, the occasional family murder that slips through is acceptable, because you can still use this to increase the stigma against “Islamophobia.” Make sure to deceive the liberals into believing that those who commit honor killings must not be true muslims, even though this is a flagrant lie. But Taqiya allows you to do this.
*Also resist attempts to gang rape young or single uncovered women, but if your unemployed delinquent youths can’t resist, this still serves a psychological role in creating fear in the local communities, which will stifle dissent and help your cause.
*Resist attempts to push sweeping legislation legalizing unconstitutional aspects of Sharia Law for now, until your political power has increased, but do not stop calling for special privileges for muslims, disguising these demands as being for ‘religious freedom.’ Also emphasize in debates that certain aspects of Sharia Law are compliant with Federal Law, and therefore resisting Sharia Law is a restriction of  religious freedom for muslims.
*Arrange for “model citizen” muslims who are prominent community members to be featured on television as the prime example of what a muslim is like, in order to disarm the host citizens.
*Wait until you have achieved about 30% of the population of a city before you begin to aggressively demand Islam to be the rule of law. You will then have the physical power to make this happen.

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